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Ancient Rome The Rise And Fall Of An Empire: Constantine 2

Constantine and the Christianisation of the Roman Empire. Beginning with the battle of the Milvian Bridge and ending with the death of Fausta and Licinius, this edition shows how the Emperor Constantine brought Christianity to the western world. In AD 312, Rome was in crisis. The empire had been divided into four parts, each with its own emperor who fought one another. Constantine intervened and united Rome, using military might and a new religion – Christianity.
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Ancient Rome

City Of Rome – Is Rome worth one good man’s life? We believed it once. Make us believe it again. They were a soldiers of Rome. Honor them… Music: Alexander soundtrack – Across the mountains
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Ancient Rome – Part 3

The objective is to present the Hystory through Art, passing by Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, The Middle Age, The Renaissance, The Baroque, The Romantism, The Enlightenment, The Pre-Modern Era, … The art of Ancient Greece is one of her greatest gifts to posterity.But when one thinks of Ancient Rome …… her gladiators, her government, or perhaps her armies are the conspicuous mementos. True, the vividly colored murals at Pompeii are spectacular. So are the murals in neighboring towns, also preserved by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD But Pompeii and its neighbors were gay seaside resorts, only provincial cousins of Rome. According to descriptions by Roman historians, the wall paintings in Rome itself far surpassed these from Pompeii. Indeed, it is probably because there is little else that survives to compare with it, that we prize the art of Pompeii and its neighbors so highly. Is this to say, then, that Roman art has little merit, that it is a second-rate rerun of the glorious Greek art which preceded it? The relative merits of Greek and Roman art have been debated by scholars for centuries. Let’s leave the debate to the scholars and turn instead to a more meaningful way in which all art may be judged: that is, as a reflection of the culture that produced it. Just as pop art, like it or not, will give future ages a meaningful image of our society and its values … … so Roman art is an excellent indicator of what mattered to people in Roman times. And just as

The Eternal Culture of Ancient Rome: Part 1

A video made for an Independent Study course at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to show the lasting legacy of the Romans in the world today. Looks at the different aspects of everyday life that were taken from the Romans, much of which we wouldn’t suspect.
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Art review: 'Modern Antiquity: Picasso …' at the Getty Villa

Art review: 'Modern Antiquity: Picasso …' at the Getty Villa
Handsome and engaging, "Modern Antiquity: Picasso, De Chirico, Léger and Picabia" considers myriad ways in which ancient Greek and Roman art — the epitome of Western tradition — interested painters more commonly regarded as radical.
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'Kittens claw Cleveland
Banner photo, Reece rutland BENTON — In ancient Rome, warriors once entered the gladiatorial arena to face wild animals, often big cats, in physical combat. It turns out when you throw Lady Raiders onto the hardwood arena against Wildkittens you get a
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Changing Sex Ed to Thought Management
Can we correct these behaviors? If not, nature does have variety. The only way to work with it is to look to the past. Look all the way to Ancient Greece and Rome, where Aristotle and Plato wrote about it. Remember the Roman Bacchii cults?
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New book charts women priests movement for human rights in religion

New book charts women priests movement for human rights in religion
Some of their ancient names are Mary of Magdala (Mary Magdalene), Phoebe of Cenchreae, Theodore of Mopsuestia, Philoumene of Rome and Prisca wife of Aquila. “Do you feel that you're stirring the pot?” asked WNN – Women News Network in a one-on-one
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Egyptomania! Blockbuster antiquities sale at Christie's New York includes 5
NEW YORK, NY- Christie's announces an incredibly important sale of Antiquities on December 7, at 10 am, which will offer over 225 lots, led by several exceptional works of Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman art, plus Near Eastern and European
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Hunger for ancient texts changes the world
Bracciolini's greater skill was hunting down ancient manuscripts that had scattered across Europe in the dark ages following the fall of Rome and finessing them away from unsuspecting monks in obscure abbeys. Bracciolini hit the jackpot with "De Rerum
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Ancient Rome Interesting Facts & Random Stuff Part 1, Jessica

Ancient Rome Interesting Facts & Random Stuff Part 1, Jessica Join Jessica for some interesting facts and trivia about the ancient Rome civilization. What caused the rise and fall of the Roman Empire? Is it true that Rome wasn’t built in a day? Was the means of expansion for Rome really total war? What kind of music did the romans listen to? Here are some random cool facts that you probably won’t see on a History channel or BBC documentary. This video was produced by Psychetruth Music By Jimmy Gelhaar http Copyright 2010 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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Lakeside Elementary students portray ancient characters

Lakeside Elementary students portray ancient characters
On Thursday, approximately 130 students became living wax statues, portraying characters from the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome and Egypt. Each student's display was complete with an activation button and a scenic backdrop.
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Explainer: Fears Rise That Italy Could Join Greece In Eurocrash
By Charles Recknagel Ancient Greece and Rome created the civilization of Western Europe. Will modern Greece and Rome now bring it crashing down — at least in the form of the eurozone? Those fears may still be premature, but they have been mounting for
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Why We Need More, Not Less Latin In Schools….
I'll be asserting that in ancient Rome colour didn't matter, only whether or not you were a Roman citizen. Other volunteers will be giving talks on a multitude of classical topics, such as democracy, the Olympic games, gladiators and the Latin language
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Roman artichoke

Roman artichoke
Its exact history is unknown: some sources think it was developed in ancient Sicily. For the most part, the artichoke — which thrives in salty climes — is cultivated along the Lazio coast near Rome where, every spring, the arrival of a new harvest is
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Hackers get to grips with data from the north's arts organisations
Called Ancient Worlds, three new galleries will highlight the collections from Manchester and the region, and from ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome and Egypt. Other data sets included botanical information from Leeds Museum, films listings
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Top Gear stars kick off live tour
Top Gear stars gave a modern twist to ancient Rome tonight as they kicked off their live tour – by riding chariots made from mopeds. Presenters of the BBC2 show – Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May – raced the crazy contraptions around
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EU to give 105 million euros to help save Pompeii

EU to give 105 million euros to help save Pompeii
ROME — The European Union will provide up to 105 million euros ($ 145 million) to rescue and restore the ancient archaeological site of Pompeii, European Commissioner Johannes Hahn said on Wednesday in Rome. "The European Commission will keep a
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Book review: 'Rome' by Robert Hughes
Delighting in such then-and-now correspondences, Hughes likens ancient Rome's inflated prices of fine art to today's "hysterical, grotesque pricing of Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Jasper Johns." Rome's loss of the papacy to Avignon,
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Just figures of fear or fun?
More than anything though, the tyrant – ancient or modern – adopts weird forms of dress. Elagabalus was criticised for being the first Roman to wear outfits made entirely of silk. Gaddafi was derided for his silly, pantomime military uniforms,
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